Department of Motor Vehicles

Review briefs that have been successful at reinstating patients' driver's licenses that had been suspended or revoked.

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Matt Vaughn

Matt Vaughn of the Medical Marijuana Caregivers Association of El Dorado County was pulled over by CHP on June 5, 2005 in Glenn County. Ignoring his status as a patient, the CHP confiscated Vaughn’s pipe and 36 grams of his medicine, and charged him with possession.

Amanda Whittemore

The DMV is another entity that has been found to unfairly discriminate against patients, and ASA is taking a pro-active stance to counter this practice. Amanda Whittemore is a Sacramento patient who, after a routine traffic stop, was referred to the DMV by the police officer that stopped her.

Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson, is a 53-year-old medical marijuana patient from Atwater. Despite Ms. Johnson's clean driving record -- not having caused an accident in 37 years -- the DMV revoked her license in July of 2008. According to the DMV, Ms. Johnson's license was revoked "because of...[an] addiction to, or habitual use of, [a] drug," thereby rendering her unable to safely operate a motor vehicle, even though no evidence existed to substantiate this claim.