Valley Collective Steps Up

| March 14, 2011 |

A San Fernando Valley collective is recruiting its members in the effort to sponsor ASA’s new training for medical cannabis professionals. The staff and operators at Buds and Roses in Studio City are asking patients to help sponsor “Putting Patients...

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ASA Works to Build the Base in MT

| March 12, 2011 |

[caption id="attachment_1329" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer"][/caption]ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer testified before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday in opposition to HB 161, a bill that would repeal the state’s six-year old medical cannabis law, before setting...

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In Maryland: Another year, another criminal?

| March 08, 2011 |

Patients left the Senate hearing in Annapolis with an uneasy feeling last Thursday, wondering if they would have to suffer another year of criminal behavior.  What appeared to start off as an optimistic legislative session for patients awaiting the passage...

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Los Angeles Votes on Medical Cannabis Tax

| March 05, 2011 |

[caption id="attachment_1305" align="alignleft" width="86" caption="LA City Hall"][/caption]On Tuesday, Angelenos will decide whether or not to put an additional 5% tax on medical cannabis and vote in seven City Council races. Medical cannabis patients have a lot at stake in the...

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Maryland Legislator Fights for Patients’ Right to Cultivate

| February 25, 2011 |

Aimed at establishing the right for patients to reliably and affordably obtain medical marijuana, Maryland House Deputy Majority Whip Delegate Cheryl Glenn (D-Baltimore) introduced an amendment today to a proposed bill to ensure that patients have the right to cultivate...

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Excerpt from Boot Camp: Realizing the Vision

| February 24, 2011 |

[caption id="attachment_1288" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Activist Boot Camp in LA"][/caption]This is an excerpt from the openning chapter of the 200-page workbook from ASA's Activist Boot Camp. The next nationwide events will be Marh 19-20. look for local announcements.--- from "The Medical...

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Activist Boot Camp

| February 16, 2011 |

 This weekend, patients and advocates in more than twenty cities and nine different states will participate in ASA’s National Call to Action: Activist Boot Camp, the nation’s first virtual skills-building conference for medical cannabis activists. The Activist Boot Camp is...

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Trouble in Montana

| February 13, 2011 |

Medical cannabis patients and advocates all over the country should be paying attention to what is happening in Montana right now. The House of Representatives voted to repeal the state’s medical cannabis law on Thursday. If the Senate follows suit,...

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Activists Outweigh Lobbyists

| February 10, 2011 |

According to a survey of congressional staffers published last week by the Congressional Management Foundation, Members of Congress are more likely to be swayed by concerned citizens who visit, write or call their offices than by the efforts of paid...

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Melissa Etheridge picks ASA

| February 10, 2011 |

Singer, songwriter, and medical cannabis patient Melissa Etheridge picked Americans for Safe Access (ASA) to be her charity partner in promoting a groundbreaking new documentary about women and breast cancer. You can pick ASA to receive 10% of the proceeds...

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