Petitions to DEA – Tell The Truth About Medical Marijuana

By Geoff Sims for National Pain Report

As the medical marijuana rolls out in Florida (the 29th state to allow it), there is growing concern that the incoming Trump Administration—specifically Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions—may try to roll its access back.

That’s why Americans for Safe Access says it has petitions with 70,000 signatures calling on the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop disseminating false information about medical cannabis immediately and ensure that any future information about medical cannabis treatment reflects medically-accurate and up-to-date facts.

The petition, which calls on President Obama to take immediate action, comes as the US Senate begins confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) appointment to Attorney General. Senator Sessions has actively opposed the use of medical and recreational cannabis saying, “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and argued that cannabis is a gateway drug that leads to cocaine and heroin use, something that has been resoundingly disproved by scientific evidence.

Here’s a link to the petition on Change.Org (click here)