Echoes of the Drug Crusade Shine Through Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension

| July 15, 2021 |

During the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, Sha’Carri Richardson won the 100 meter dash with a time of 10.86 seconds. That earned her a spot on the U.S. Olympic team for the upcoming Tokyo games, where she would be the...

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Check out the June 2021 Activist Newsletter

| June 18, 2021 |

The June 2021 ASA Activist Newsletter is now out. Our lead story is the reintroduction of the MORE Act, the most comprehensive cannabis reform bill ever to go before Congress. Also Amazon announced its public policy team will be lobbying...

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis

| June 14, 2021 |

While mainstream culture in the U.S. has come to accept cannabis as not the dangerous and addictive substance of after school special legend, general public knowledge about the plant remains fairly low. Cannabis is a complex plant, and decades of...

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An Update on ASA’s Biden-Harris Can Do It! Campaign

| June 11, 2021 |

When then presidential candidate Joe Biden released his approach to federal cannabis policy in May of 2020, it marked the first time in history a major party presidential candidate included a cannabis-specific policy goal in their campaign. The announcement was...

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Check out ASA's May Newsletter!

| May 25, 2021 |

The May 2021 ASA Activist Newsletter is now out. Our lead story addresses the ISO 17065 Accreditation of our PFC program and explains why PFC becoming the first cannabis certification body to have achieved this matters so much. You will...

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Congratulations to ASA's 2021 Award Winners

| May 17, 2021 |

We recently concluded our 9th Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference. One of our favorite parts of Unity is where we get to honor the individuals and groups that made major contributions to medical cannabis over the previous year. These awardees...

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Americans for Safe Access ISO 17065 Accreditation: THE STANDARD FOR CERTIFICATION BODIES

| April 20, 2021 |

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has created the medical cannabis market through the crafting and monitoring of legislation and regulations at all levels of government. As a patient advocacy organization, product safety has been a top priority since our inception...

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Check out ASA's April Newsletter!

| April 16, 2021 |

Check out ASA's April 2021 newsletter for the agenda for the upcoming Unity conference and info on more than 30 amazing speakers. Registration for Unity is sliding scale, so everyone has a chance to participate. You'll also find news and links...

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Patients Deserve a Federal Overhaul on Medical Cannabis

| April 15, 2021 |

In 1970, President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act, which updated and consolidated previously scattered narcotics legislation to form the federal guidelines on controlled substances used to this day. Cannabis was listed as a Schedule I substance, a category for...

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Biden Administration Must Address Health Equity in Federal Housing

| April 13, 2021 |

Since winning election in November, the Biden-Harris administration has been silent on the issue of federal medical cannabis reform. Rather than following through on campaign trail promises to support state medical cannabis programs and medical cannabis equity issues, patients have...

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