Check out the June 2021 Activist Newsletter

The June 2021 ASA Activist Newsletter is now out. Our lead story is the reintroduction of the MORE Act, the most comprehensive cannabis reform bill ever to go before Congress. Also Amazon announced its public policy team will be lobbying for the MORE Act, and they are stopping most pre-employment testing for cannabis use.

You will also find news on developments in Connecticut and Texas, as well as opportunities to participate in upcoming events where ASA Executive Director Debbie Churgai will be speaking. The activist profile is Michelle Herman of Massachusetts, who shares her inspiring story of caregiving and advocacy for her young daughter.

Each month, Americans for Safe Access publishes a newsletter for advocates that covers important federal, state and local developments, what's happening with ASA, and inspiring stories of local activists. Delivered via email to subscribers, you can also see it each month here on ASA's website.