Biden-Harris Can Do It!

There is a widespread perception that the first 100 days of a new presidential administration are a test of what to expect for the remainder of their term. While the unexpected can always change the course of an administration it is true that for the next 100 days the Biden administration will be focused on the very important task of choosing directors and leaders of agencies and setting policy priorities that will potentially impact the lives of millions of patients.

As advocates, we know that these first 100 days is our most important opportunity to influence these policies and ensure that campaign promises are kept on the forefront! However, as of today, medical cannabis is not a part of the Harris-Biden 100-day agenda, nor is cannabis access a sure thing in this administration. Without our voices, patients will continue to be left behind.

That is why we are using these critical days to focus on the actions that this new administration has the power to accomplish immediately. We will be demanding action from the Biden administrations new appointments and we hope you will join us in pushing for the kinds of reforms that medical cannabis patients deserve.

Take the pledge to fight for medical cannabis in the first 100 days!

Unfortunately the passage of medical cannabis laws across the country has not guaranteed access to cannabis for all patients. Many still face significant barriers in the form of employment or housing disctimination, affordability, or other obstacles that remain unsolved. Now is the time to join together to encourage and motivate this new administration to make medical cannabis access for which No Patient is Left Behind a priority.