Let's Tell Them How!


Click the links below to find drafted letters you can send to departments, language for social media posts, and more information about how you can take action now!

Urge HUD to stop evictions of medical cannabis patients in federal housing
Urge the VA to allow doctors to recommend cannabis to veterans
Urge DOJ to reinstate the Cole Memo
Urge OPM to prohibit cannabis drug testing for federal employees and contractors
Urge President Biden and Vice President Harris to establish an Office of Medical Cannabis Control
Read more about these five administrative actions for the first 100 Days
Take the No Patient Left Behind pledge to commit to taking action for patients



In the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration, directors and leaders of agencies will be chosen and confirmed and policies will be created that will set priorities for this Administration. Many of these policies impact patients lives!

As medical cannabis advocates, we are seizing the first 100 days of the new Biden- Harris Administration as an opportunity to influence these polices and mobilize our movement to pass comprehensive federal legislation in the 117th congress.

These first 100 days will set the tone for this Administration and we must ensure that campaign promises are kept! As of today, medical cannabis is not a part of the Harris- Biden 100-day agenda, that is where YOU come in.

Cannabis legalization is a NOT a sure thing in this administration. For nearly 2 decades we have been pushing to make medical cannabis a priority and every administration has let us down. Now that we are so close, we cannot sit back and relax, we must push harder than ever.

We need to join together to encourage and motivate this new administration to make medical cannabis access a reality!

Have you run into difficulties as a result of being a medical cannabis patient? Have there been any major barriers to your ability to safely access your medical cannabis? As cannabis legislation advances across the country, patient voices must be heard!

Americans for Safe Access wants to hear from you! We are collecting patient stories and testimonials for our ongoing campaign Biden-Harris Can Do It: No Patient Left Behind! to highlight the difficulties medical patients still face across the country. Submissions can either be a minute long video where you tell a brief story or a written testimonial with a picture attached.