Becoming a Caregiver Producer or Provider in Colorado


A primary caregiver must be at least 18 years old, a Colorado resident, must not be the patient’s physician, must not have a primary caregiver of his/her own, must submit a Caregiver Acknowledgement form with the patient’s Application or Change, Replacement or Surrender Request form,  and have significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a patient. The caregiver may legally grow, possess, and distribute marijuana for the patient, but must be registered with the state licensing authority. Caregivers are restricted to serving 5 patients, except in exceptional circumstances. The caregiver's name and address will appear on the patient's registry ID.

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House Bill 10-1284 provides a regulatory framework for dispensaries, including giving local communities the ability to ban or place controls on the operation, location and ownership of these establishments.

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Additional Notes

Online registration is now available . Under this new medical marijuana registry system, patients can apply for a card, submit forms, submit payment via credit card, and update personal data online. Physicians can also submit their physician certifications online.

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