Advocate For Medical Cannabis

The mission of Americans for Safe Access is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis (marijuana) for therapeutic uses and research. ASA's stand on federal interference with medical cannabis state laws is one of zero-tolerance. ASA organizers engage in traditional, battle-tested tactics such as legislative organizing, community outreach, phone-in days, petition drives, etc., and supports the use of non-violent direct action as means of escalating tactics to reach campaign goals.

ASA helps organize media support for court cases, rapid response to law enforcement raids, and capacity-building for advocates. Our successful lobbying, media and legal campaigns have resulted in important court precedents, new sentencing standards, and more compassionate community guidelines.

This is where you come in ... get involved now!

In This Section

Resources for Tabling and Lobby Days

Need educational information on medical cannabis for you event? Here is a list of our most popular educational materials for you to download and print for free. Pick any documents you think will be most useful or appropriate for your event, of choose them all, it’s up to you!

ASA Chapters and Affiliates

ASA chapters formally bring together like-minded activists in your community to work together toward ensuring safe access to medical cannabis. ASA chapters are part of a national network of ASA activists and staff who work together on a regular basis to achieve shared goals.

Start an ASA Chapter

A great ASA chapter brings together vibrant activists in an environment of mutual respect, shared responsibility, and constructive political activism and creates a space for new advocates to plug in to the movement.

Become an ASA Affiliate

ASA Affiliates are like-minded groups and organizations who choose to work on ASA campaigns in their regions. ASA Affiliates work with ASA on regional and national campaigns for safe access.