Washington Action Alert: Demand Governor Inslee Veto Tax on Patients

The Washington State Legislature has passed HB 2136, which revises the tax system for the I-502 adult use marijuana system and imposes a hefty new tax on medical cannabis patients in the state. This bill would create a 37% point-of-sale tax on all cannabis purchases in Washington State. 

Health insurance does not cover medical cannabis, and patients often face additional financial hardships already.  This provision is unnecessary and places strain on patients already facing other out of pocket expenses due to their health care needs.  No other state imposes such hefty tax burdens on its patients for the purchase of their medicine and Washington shouldn't be the first.  

Which is why we need YOU to take action now before Governor Inslee signs the bill Today, June 30th. Please help us continue to protect the rights of patients by sending this pre-written e-mail.  It will only take 5 minutes and you can truly make a difference.  

Don't stand by the sidelines.  Take action now, click here to contact Governor Inslee!