Vote Medical Marijuana this November

It is less than two months until the 2014 elections. Do you know where the candidates stand on medical cannabis? It matters. Lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level are going to make important decisions about medical cannabis that affect your life in the next two years. Cities and counties will decide whether to ban or regulate patients’ collectives, the state legislature will vote again on commercial licensing and patients’ rights measures, and the new US Congress may decide whether or not to keep paying for medical cannabis enforcement.

Consider this: research shows that 84% of US Representatives and 64% of Senators are likely to win reelection easily. Incumbents in local and statewide races have a similar advantage. If you don’t like what you are seeing with medical cannabis right now, this election may be your last chance to make a change.

Don’t leave it up to everyone else. Get educated and get active in the campaigns. You can help influence candidates by attending local campaign events, emailing with questions about their positions, and writing letters to the editor. ASA has created a website to help you get started: