Volunteer today : Florida patients need 15 minutes of your time

volunteer_needed.jpegThe Florida Medical Marijuana (United for Care) campaign is coming to an end in Florida and although the statewide support for Amendment #2 appears to be favorable - the campaign still needs some volunteers to hit the phones and phone bank up until November 4th.  Will you become a volunteer today and help us bring safe access to the south?

Leading up to November, the United for Care field team spent months tabling at events and collected over 25,000 pledge (to vote) forms from voters in support of Amendment #2. We now have to call the pledged voters who have not yet voted and make sure they are planning to go vote on Election Day. 

This is where we need your help.  We are organizing volunteers from across the country to help us phone bank pledge voters. This will only take a moment of your time and we will provide both training and a written script for your use.

Help us protect patients, by signing up to phone bank today!

Florida is so close to becoming the next medical marijuana state, but we need all hands on deck during this final push before the election. Your help could make the difference.