To commemorate Veteran’s Day, Americans for Safe Access and key veterans groups across the U.S. decided to host a medical cannabis roundtable event on November 10, 2020. Featuring panelists include:

  • Representative Lou Correa, responsible for the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act
  • Michael Krawitz, Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access
  • Matt Zorn, Attorney pro bono working on behalf of Sue Sisley’s veteran research case
  • Todd Scattini, CEO Harvest360
  • Cherissa Jackson, AMVETS
  • Eryck Stamper, Veterans22 Initiative
  • Abbie Bennett, award-winning journalist at Connecting Vets
  • Jose Belen, Florida Mission Zero
  • Dr. Philip Blair, Chief Medical Advisor, Harvest 360
  • Todd Larkin, Texoma Veterans Alliance

This veteran-led discussion covered topics like:

  • Medical cannabis use among veterans in the U.S. Barriers to medical cannabis access among this group
  • Federal medical cannabis legislation for veterans
  • Policies the public and private sector can enact now to help veterans gain better access to medical cannabis such as discounted medicine and medical cards
  • Interactions between cannabis and other common medications
  • Advocating at the Department of Defense and Veteran's Affairs
  • Employment challenges for veterans

For more information including speaker biographies and selected resources please refer to the program guide.


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