Update on SocalPure Raid

Below is an update from SoCal Pure a legal, state sanctioned medical cannabis collective raided last week in San Diego County.

On October 9, SocalPURE was raided. Keep in mind that this was a legal medical marijuana collective operating under the law of the State of California. At approximately 9:40 am, there was a violent knock at the door; anybody who's ever been to our office would know exactly how shocking that would be. Our members are patients, many of them older. We work hard to maintain an atmosphere of calm and professionalism at all times. Violence of any kind is unheard of unless it came through the computer in the form of breaking news.

The receptionist went to the door and was confronted by an officer in full body armor; and though he opened the door and raised his hands, was then thrown down to the ground. The other people in the office were treated just as roughly as the office was filled with between 15-20 heavily armed officers and agents from: the Vista Sheriff's Department, ATF, DEA, Homeland Security, the Narcotics Task Force, and the Gang Task Force. Again, this was all for three unarmed people operating under the laws of the State of California.

The cost to the taxpayers, divided between state and federal offices, and just in terms of salary alone comes to a bit under $10,000.00.

As these heavily armed officers and agents spilled into the space, they handcuffed the occupants and left them sitting with their hands behind their backs. I know this may not sound very harsh, but I ask you to sit with your hands behind your back for any period of time. Now consider that these people were in that position for about five hours. After that they were chained to the wall for an additional 3+ hours. Throughout this event, they were questioned, yelled at, threatened, and suffered physically...all while doing something approved by the voters of the State of California.

Medicine and cash were confiscated, and we're reassured that they'll be returned...eventually...but what can never be returned is the security and peace of mind of the people who were doing what they could to relieve the suffering of the patients who came into our office every day.

We serve people who've come home from our various wars with PTSD and other scars. We serve people who've found that the regular pharmaceuticals they've used for insomnia and pain no longer work. People with damage to their liver and kidneys who can't turn to the regular medications.

Just because socalPURE is taking a few days off to regroup and meet with our legal team, our members aren't magically all better...it means that they can't get their medication. It means that, while they're ill, they have to search for a new place to fill their prescription. Think about that. Think about the times you've been really sick, and imagine if every store that carried your medication was closed.

Our medication was tested for purity and chemical levels. This is not the case on the street.

As citizens of the State of California, we believe in people having safe access to the medication they feel is best for their body. The voters of our state (you) have acted on this belief, and made it the law. I'm sure they did not intend for the people who service this system to be harassed and terrorized, ironically by the very agencies that should be protecting them.

This is the statement that our executive director was going to send out with our first newsletter... "It was almost 4 years ago that I, along with the support of my family and friends, decided to establish socalPURE. I've been able to share my story with many of you. For many of us finding our way to Medical Marijuana isn't because we're healthy, but rather in sickness and pain. My goal was to take my business and customer service experience and apply it to an industry, that in my opinion was missing 'a woman's touch' and I also wanted to create an environment that was a casual and safe experience for people my parents and grandparents age. As a 'Mutual Benefit Organization', I also wanted all of our Members, any age, to have the experience that they (YOU) were part of something special. Every day we strive to meet those goals and give all of you an experience that YOU can feel good about. Our Staff is unparalleled at socalPURE. These fine people are dedicated to providing you not only with a beautiful, safe and calm atmosphere but with quality medicine and the knowledge to help make YOU feel better. We are always open to new suggestions and input from YOU. I want to thank you for signing up for our newsletter, we will strive to make it informative and fun. On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your continued Membership with socalPURE. In health and happiness, your Executive Director, Laura."

We will be reaching out to our members and to the public at large for support during this difficult and distressing time.

If you have any questions, please use the message function and we'll answer as quickly as possible, we want you to feel assured and safe. https://www.facebook.com/socalPURE 

Thank you so much for your support.

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