A. The Informed Advocate The Informed Advocate

Marijuana AdvocacyThe best advocate is an informed advocate. The history of medical cannabis advocacy is a rich one, filled with brave individuals like you. The key to being an effective advocate is a firm understanding of our history, the political landscape in which you are operating, the rules of engagement and the ability to articulate your needs.




In This Section

A Patient's History of Medical Cannabis

A history of medical cannabis - 2700 BC to present - from the patient's perspective.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning shapes and guides what an organization is, what it does, and why.

Know Your Rights

Make sure you know your rights and how to handle a law enforcement encounter.

Legislating Compassion

Advocates need to be involved in local legislation governing all aspects of medical cannabis.

Know the Rules of Engagement: Civics 101

A basic explanation of legislation and regulations and what you can do to influence the process.