Successful medical cannabis policy and programs require participation from all stakeholders! ASA’s provides educational information and support resources for patients, caregivers, cannabis providers, advocates, and medical professionals.

Resources for Patients & Caregivers

Medical cannabis patients. Growing marijuana, becoming a patient, talking to your doctor, research science, and cannabis safety.

Resources for Advocates

For over 20 years, ASA has been training advocates to bring their voices to the table by participating in the political process. We have resources to help you stay informed and get active!

Medical Professional Resources

Americans for Safe Access offers medical professionals tools to navigate the current patchwork of medical cannabis laws and the latest medical cannabis information such as CME courses. It is important to understand that the state-by-state compassi...

Resources for Regulators & Policymakers

The policy needs of medical cannabis patients are complicated and nuanced. ASA has many resources to help policymakers navigate legislative language and regulatory needs for patients including recommendations for regulators, model legislation, and...

Resources for Medical Cannabis Businesses

ASA has created materials and resources for businesses to better serve patients including educational materials such as booklets, videos, and webinars.