Tonight is the night that we can make a difference!

Tonight around 6:30pm EST, a bipartisan amendment to the 2014 CJS Bill will prohibit the Department of Justice (DOJ) from spending any funds on arrests, raids, and prosecutions of state authorized medical cannabis patients and their providers. This would mean that for the next fiscal year, the DOJ would not be able to halt the progress being made in several medical cannabis states as they begin implementing their programs and providing medicine to qualified patients.

If you have not already sent this pre-written letter to your Representative asking them to support the amendment, we strongly encourage you to do so now. The vote is taking place TONIGHT, and we are closer than ever in truly making a difference. By multiplying our efforts, we can have a bigger impact, that is why we need your help.

You control the war on patients. Demand Congress support the 2014 CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment!

It is estimated that there are over 1 million legal medical marijuana patients throughout the US, many of whom are suffering from terrible maladies and depend on access to marijuana to maintain their quality of life. Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires your engagement. Now is not the time for us to come together and show our solidarity in numbers. 

There are still a few hours left for you to help make a difference. Call and email your Representative today and ask them to support cutting the DOJ's funding for interference in the implementation of medical cannabis programs.  For more information on CJS, check out our CJS fact sheet.