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Obama graphicTime is short. We have three more days to ask President Obama to force the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to change its policy on medical cannabis. If you have already signed ASA’s Information Quality Act (IQA) petition, forward this email to your friends and loved ones who care about medical cannabis.

If you have not signed the petition, now is the time. Donald Trump will be inaugurated as our 45th President on Friday, and that may spell trouble for medical cannabis patients and providers.

Click here to join almost 100,000 medical cannabis advocates in supporting an accurate science-based position on medical cannabis, and then share the link on social media and by email. 

This petition matters right now, because President Obama can still force a change in the DEA’s medical cannabis policy. The IQA requires that federal agencies base their policies on objective information, but the DEA still holds that cannabis has no medical value – despite government research to the contrary.

This petition also matters going forward, because we can use your support to leverage change and influence the position of the next Administration. We do not know for sure what the next President will do about medical cannabis, but his pick for Attorney General is not encouraging. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is a strong opponent of medical cannabis.

Help us get 100,000 signatures on this petition before Obama’s term ends on Friday, and you will also send a powerful message to the next President and his Administration.

Time is short. Sign and share the petition today! 

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