The Science of Medical Cannabis

terpenes.jpgThousands will be gathering tomorrow across the country for the March for Science, a march and rally in support of scientific fact trumping science fiction in our government and among our elected officials.

As advocates for medical cannabis access know, false information is too often used to restrict access and take away alternate options for patients when it comes to managing chronic conditions and symptoms. It is time for science to lead the way in the creation of healthcare policy in this country, especially when it comes to access to medical cannabis. It is time for government agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services to present information based on current scientific research to the people when it comes to medical cannabis. It is time for the research community to have access to medical cannabis free from strict governmental regulations that make it difficult to conduct the research so many patients could benefit from.

If you attend a March for Science rally tomorrow, or are simply supporting the marchers as they fight for real science in our public discourse, remember to include medical cannabis and the many scientific studies and research that has been done to show its profound efficacy in the treatment of many diseases.

Below are just a handful of scientific articles and studies about medical cannabis. Share these, as well as information about our Cannabis Care Certification, with medical professionals and friends and help to support science!