The Plant That Even Politicians Are Talking About

By Emily Gibson MMJ Observer

Marijuana is currently one of the hottest subjects in the USA. The drug has been receiving more attention than a newborn baby and has even become a significant issue in the ongoing presidential campaign.

 The drug has already been legalized in numerous states and marijuana reforms are increasingly taking up more attention. The drug has become a hot topic in politics and has even been featured numerous times in the political debates. Bernie Sanders shocked the masses when he openly claimed his support for the legalization of the drug. He also condemned the justice system for jailing young people for smoking pot yet CEOs get away scot free for the same crime. Hillary Clinton also jumped on the marijuana train with a statement similar to that provided by Sanders.

The rising attention on Marijuana has resulted into the formation of numerous organizations and businesses aimed at refining the marijuana industry. One particular organization that has a keen interest in the industry is the Wellness Connection of Maine. The organization has been highly successful as and is currently the largest marijuana dispensary body. WCM’s CEO, Patricia Rosi claimed that the state could reap financial benefits by joining the marijuana industry that is currently one of the fastest growing industries. The industry has been experiencing some good numbers with about $11.1 billion this year so far.

Maine is one of the 34 states that have legalized the drug as a form of medical treatment. Maine legalized the drug for medicinal use in 1999, but the state’s first marijuana dispensaries were opened four years ago. The state’s marijuana program was voted the best by Americans for Safe Access, a group that supports legal use of the drug.

Recreational use of the drug is currently legal in Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado. More states are expected to join as advocacy for the legalization of the drug increases. The

The marijuana industry is therefore expected to become even more lucrative.