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"Believing they were protected under state law, the Kettle Falls Five are medical marijuana patients in a remote area of eastern Washington. Four are family members and the other is a family friend. All had medical cards and were legally growing 44 plants. At the instigation of local police, they were arrested by the DEA in August 2012. They have undergone a torturous and unfair federal prosecution that has pitted their friend against the family.

Rolland Gregg, his wife Michelle Gregg, and his mother Rhonda Firestack-Harvey were prosecuted and sentenced in federal court earlier this month for terms from one to two years. Their friend, Jason Zucker, threatened with 20 or more years in prison, took a plea bargain, testified against them and received a 16 month sentence. Larry Harvey, the family’s patriarch, had his case dismissed due to his status as a terminal cancer patient. He died before the trial concluded.

Chris Brown, Press Secretary for Americans for Safe Access, as the show’s guest will provide details of the horrors undergone by the Kettle Falls Five. Chris clearly believes “This case is exactly the type of wasteful and misguided use of the federal government’s prosecutorial powers that Congress has moved to rein in with the Rohrabacher-Farr Medical Cannabis Amendment.”