Take Action to Stop County-Wide Dispensary Bans

MD_Anne_Arundel_County_Action_Alert.jpgAs the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission moves forward with implementing Maryland's medical cannabis program, local governments in the state are now considering the issue of zoning requirements for medical cannabis business. Currently, the Anne Arundel County Council is the only local government with current zoning legislation pending and the impact could harm patients across the county.

Last week, Vice Chair Pete Smith introduced a drastic bill on behalf of County Executive Steve Schuh. The bill would effectively ban all medical cannabis businesses from operating in the county, despite Senator Bobby Zirkin and the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office forcefully speaking out against county bans.

Banning medical cannabis dispensaries would be devastating to patients. If the ban were implemented, patients would have to choose between the extra time and expense of traveling out of county, turning to the black market, or even foregoing their physician-recommended medical cannabis therapy all together.

Please take 5 minutes to send this pre-written email to your County Councilmember urging them not to impose needlessly restrictive zoning. Your participation can make the difference. Click here to Take Action.