Support SB 1193 in California

SB 1193 is a bill by California Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) that would require that law enforcement return wrongfully-confiscated medical cannabis or plants or pay the owner reasonable compensation. The bill also simplifies the procedures for handling cannabis and plants seized as evidence. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) supports this bill because law-abiding patients have a right to get their property back.

Click here to sign this petition to support SB 1193 today.

ASA will hand deliver copies of this petition to lawmakers’ offices before key votes in committees and on the floors of the Senate and Assembly. We will also take it directly to the Governor’s office when the bill is ready for his signature.

Protecting the rights of medical cannabis is a high priority at ASA. When adopted, SB 1193 will make ASA’s landmark return of property victory in City of Garden Grove v. Superior Court of Orange County the law of the land. In that 2007 decision, the appellate court held that federal law does not prevent local and state law enforcement from returning wrongfully-confiscated medicine.

You can find ASA’s letter of support for SB 1193 and information about other medical cannabis bills on ASA’s website.  Find links there to the legislative tracking website for the latest information on hearings, amendments, and votes.