Stop the Casualties of the Marijuana War!

On September 27th the Preble County SWAT team executed a search warrant at the the residence of Clayton Helriggle, 23, of Lewisburg, Ohio. Just minutes into the drug raid Clayton Helriggle lay dying in the arms of his friend from a shotgun blast to the chest from a SWAT team member’s weapon. Later in the day sheriff deputies found one ounce of marijuana. The Ohio Cannabis Society, feeling that it has a moral obligation to inform the public of the harms of marijuana's prohibition, will hold a rally and march October 19, 2002. The rally will start at noon on Dave Hall Plaza at Main St. and E. Fifth St. in downtown Dayton, Ohio. There will be speakers, musical entertainment and literature tables. The public is invited to attend. The march on the Montgomery County Court House will begin at 4:00pm and a benefit party will follow from 6 to 9pm at a local lounge. The death of Clayton Helriggle is a tragic example of a government policy gone wrong. When the prohibition is worse than the crime it is intended to prohibit, it is time to end the prohibition, says John Hartman, director of the Ohio Cannabis Society. The Ohio Cannabis Society has promoted this event with print ads, radio ads and grassroots networking and expects a large crowd. The Ohio Cannabis Society has held numerous rallies. Its annual event in Cleveland Ohio titled the Million Marijuana March regularly draws 2,000 marchers. Ohio Cannabis Society PO Box 771154, Cleveland, Ohio 44107 216-521-9333-fax 216-226-4367 [email protected]