South Carolinians: Medical Cannabis is Not Off the Table for 2024, Action is Needed!

Yesterday, the South Carolina Senate voted in favor of a “call for a special order,” allowing the Compassionate Care Act to move forward in the Senate! Floor debates on the bill start today!  

This is where you come in!  Take action today by calling your state senator and urging them to support the Compassionate Care Act!   You can find a summary of the legislation here.

A note from ASA Affiliate:  SC Compassionate Care Alliance

 “Veterans and other seriously ill patients have been waiting for nine long years for the legislature to pass medical cannabis legislation. Any further delay will only result in unnecessary suffering and force patients to turn to far more dangerous, and often deadly, opioids. In 2022, the Senate passed the medical cannabis bill. Now, we need them to listen to their hearts - and their constituents - once again. The tireless efforts of advocates and patients like yourselves have brought this legislation this far. Together, we can make a difference. -Jill Swing”  

Take action today by calling your state senator and pass on the message to friends and family.

Urge your senator to vote Yes for the Compassionate Care Act!