Americans for Safe Access has developed this chart to help compare and evaluate the various qualifying medical conditions which would allow a patient in a state or territory to receive a recommendation for medical cannabis. Some conditions will appear repetitive. This is because we have stuck as closely to the legal language as closely as possible. That language can vary by jurisdiction and statutes often vary by small technical differences. The chart is current as of January, 2023. Click on the image of the chart below to view the whole condition chart. Functionality may be diminished in the Safari Browser. You are also free to download the Excel file for your own analysis. All we ask if that you please reference Americans for Safe Access as the resource if you use it. 


Capital X This qualifying condition is explicitly written into state law.
Asterix This condition is not explicitly written into state law, but the state empowers authorized health care providers to determine qualifying conditions beyond those explicitly listed in the statute, if any.
Pound Sign This is a qualifying condition subject to certain considerations; refer to the corresponding note clicking on the relevant cell(s) and then clicking the small comment box that appears in the upper right corner.
Double Asterix This is a qualifying condition for which the state permits the use of no- or low-THC cannabis extract despite not having a comprehensive medical cannabis program. Refer to the corresponding note on the state/territory row by clicking on the abbreviation cell and then clicking the small comment box that appears in the upper right corner.
Capital Letter P Depending on the jurisdiction, this will become a qualifying condition once the authorizing statute or regulation takes effect or once the program is operational.


Click on the graphic below to open up the full list.