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DEA Removes Marijuana Misinformation from Website After Months of Public, Legal Pressure

Posted by · February 13, 2017 10:48 AM

Americans for Safe Access Says Not Good Enough, Still in Violation of IQA

WASHINGTON DC — After months of public pressure, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has removed factually inaccurate information from its website. The change comes after Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, filed a legal request with the Department of Justice last year demanding that the DEA immediately update and remove factually inaccurate information about cannabis from their website and materials.

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Over 100,000 Demand DEA Stop Disseminating False Information About Medical Marijuana

Posted by · January 18, 2017 3:03 PM

WASHINGTON, DC — Over 100,000 people have signed an Americans for Safe Access petition on demanding that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stop disseminating false information about medical cannabis immediately and ensure that all of their future information on medical cannabis treatment reflect medically-accurate, up-to-date facts.

View the petition here:

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Americans for Safe Access Responds to Senator Jeff Sessions' Attorney General Confirmation Hearing

Posted by · January 10, 2017 6:53 PM

Medical cannabis organization expresses concern about Senator Jeff Sessions’ drug enforcement policy plans

Washington, DC — Today, confirmation hearings began for attorney general nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions. During the hearing, Sessions was questioned about medical marijuana by Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Lee. Sessions implied that he would enforce current federal marijuana laws. Earlier in the hearing, Sessions said he would advise President Trump not to set policies that would conflict with federal law. While Sessions’ response did not explicitly state he would shut down state marijuana programs, his response to Senator Lee was, “the United States Congress has made the possession of marijuana in every state and the distribution of it an illegal act,” and that, “it’s not so much the Attorney General’s job to decide what laws to enforce. We should do our jobs and enforce laws as effectively as we are able.” Sessions concluded that Congress must change the law if they do not want the Attorney General to prosecute marijuana crimes.

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70,000 Demand DEA Stop Disseminating Blatantly False Information About Medical Marijuana

Posted by · January 05, 2017 12:30 PM

This is an image of two women in front of a pink background with the text: \In a new petition from Americans for Safe Access and, over 70,000 people and counting, are calling on the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop disseminating false information about medical cannabis immediately and ensure that any future information about medical cannabis treatment reflects medically-accurate and up-to-date facts.

The petition, which calls on President Obama to take immediate action, comes as the US Senate begins confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) appointment to Attorney General. Senator Sessions has actively opposed the use of medical and recreational cannabis saying, “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and argued that cannabis is a gateway drug that leads to cocaine and heroin use, something that has been resoundingly disproved by scientific evidence.

View the petition here:

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ASA and TheAnswerPage Launch New Program to Educate Doctors and Patients on Medical Cannabis

Posted by · December 15, 2016 11:25 AM

Washington, DC — Today, Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, and TheAnswerPage, an international resource for providing accredited continuing medical education since 1998, launched the Cannabis Care Certification (CCC) program, an online program designed to provide quality information about medical cannabis to individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapy, and healthcare professionals looking to learn about the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis.

View more about the Cannabis Care Certification program here:

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Medical Marijuana Policy Roadmap Released by Americans for Safe Access

Posted by · December 08, 2016 11:11 AM

Report Suggests Solutions for State and Federal Cannabis Law Conflicts, President Obama, and Congress

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) released a briefing book —“Medical Cannabis in America”— calling on Congress and the Obama Administration to end the conflict between federal and state governments on medical cannabis programs. The report includes potential actions for President Obama to take during the lame duck session along with steps for the incoming Congress and President-elect Donald Trump. ASA argues these suggestions would protect the more than 2 million medical cannabis patients in the U.S. by allowing local manufacturers, growers, and distributors to operate in accordance with their own state’s laws regarding medical cannabis without fear of federal interference. 

View the report here:

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ASA Files Petition with DOJ Demanding DEA Correct Misinformation About Cannabis

Posted by · December 05, 2016 1:01 PM

WASHINGTON, DC — Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, filed a petition with the Department of Justice (DOJ) today demanding that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) immediately update misinformation about cannabis.The petition is being filed under the rules of the Information Quality Act (IQA, aka Data Quality Act), which requires administrative agencies to devise guidelines that ensure the “quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information” they distribute and to “[e]stablish administrative mechanisms allowing affected persons to seek and obtain correction of information maintained and disseminated by the agency that does not comply with the guidelines.”


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Medical Cannabis Group Responds to Jeff Sessions Appointment as DOJ Head

Posted by · November 18, 2016 12:00 PM

Americans for Safe Access cites concerns for medical cannabis patients as Sessions named leader of Department of Justice

Statement from Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, on President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to head the United States Justice Department.

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Americans for Safe Access Responds to 2016 Medical Cannabis Ballot Initiative Victories, Presidential Election Results

Posted by · November 09, 2016 12:00 PM

Last night, residents of Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Montana voted on ballot initiatives to legalize the medical use of cannabis. All four of the measures passed making a total of 29 states with medical cannabis laws now in effect. Five additional states - California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada voted on ballot initiatives that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana. These initiatives were also successful, except for Arizona.


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Medical Cannabis Training in Frederick Educates Regulators and Cannabis Industry Leaders on Industry Standards, Safety

Posted by · October 25, 2016 12:00 PM

FREDERICK, MARYLAND — Starting on Monday, November 7th and running through November 10th, industry experts from Americans for Safe Access (ASA) will hold a training program for medical cannabis growers, manufacturers, retailers and regulators to educate them on the many components of the medical cannabis industry. The training will be held on-site at the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation in Frederick, MD, and for the first time, include remote training options for those who want to take the training but can not travel to Frederick.

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