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Apr 172015

What’s Next for the Medical Marijuana Revolution? - Americans for Safe Access

WASHINGTON, DC- Over the last two years Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s reporting has been truly groundbreaking in mainstreaming the benefits of medical marijuana. Dr Gupta has brought stories of everyday Americans that obtain essential benefits from medical marijuana products into the living rooms of millions of Americans.

“Watching CNN’s Weed was the first time many Americans saw everyday people benefiting from medical marijuana,” said Steph Sherer executive director of Americans for Safe Access. “Seeing how much good medical marijuana can do has lead to an outgrowth in activism that has helped create new laws at the state level and is laying the foundation for important federal legislation.” 

On April 19th, CNN will premiere the third installment of their documentary series on medical marijuana Weed 3 documenting the ongoing developments in what Dr. Gupta has declared a “medical marijuana revolution.” The following day-- on April 20th at 7:00pm EST-- patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) will host a Google Hangout to discuss the documentary and the issues it examines.

What: Google Hangout on the medical marijuana revolution and issues raised in Sanjay Gupta's Weed 3.

Featuring: ASA executive director Steph Sherer,  PA State Senator Mike Folmer (invited) Jahan Marcu Ph.D, Matt Kahl, U.S. combat veteran and activist with Grow for Vets and Weed 3 participant Dr. Sue Sisley.

When: Monday April 20th 7:00pm EST.


Apr 152015

Medical Cannabis Patients Call on Governor Inslee to Use Veto Powers to Protect Patients - Americans for Safe Access

OLYMPIA, WA - Yesterday the Washington State Senate concurred on House amendments to Senate Bill 5052, which regulates medical cannabis. SB 5052 has now passed through the full Washington legislature meaning that the bill will now be sent to Governor Inslee’s desk. Given the final language of the bill the best course of action is for Governor Inslee to protect patients by using his veto powers.  

While legislative solutions that would have addressed well-documented concerns from medical cannabis patients, health care professionals, compassionate designated providers, and those in the industry exist, they have been not been incorporated into the bill’s language.

“As it stands, SB 5052 contains a number of sections that would undermine the ability of patients to maintain their access to a steady supply of essential cannabis products,” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access. “These extreme restrictions mean the end of medical cannabis in Washington in the way that patients have come to rely on.”

Apr 102015

Bipartisan Proposal Unveiled to Preserve Medical Cannabis in Washington - Americans for Safe Access

OLYMPIA, WA - A bipartisan team of Washington State Representatives has introduced a sweeping amendment to Senate Bill 5052 ahead of an expected vote slated for Friday afternoon. The “Patient Protection Amendment” would make significant improvements to the bill, which has faced stiff opposition from the health care community.

“As currently written, Senate Bill 5052 would recriminalize countless patients and caregivers in Washington. Without meaningful amendments, safe, affordable access to medical cannabis in our state will be restricted significantly,” says Rep. Luis Moscoso (D - Mountlake Terrace). “In a state where marijuana is legal, there should be no uncertainty that the specialty strains and medical products that patients are using today will still be available in the future.

Mar 272015

Industry Leaders Advocate Best Practices for Regulation, Labeling and Manufacturing of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Products

Washington, DC -- The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee, in coordination with Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), announces the release of a joint statement advocating for implementation of best practices for the regulation of consumable, topical, and inhalant cannabis and hemp-derived products to ensure quality and consumer safety.  These best practices were developed with the input of numerous industry experts and establish common language and defined terms for the transparent and accurate labeling of these products to support responsible commerce and informed use of the cannabis plant.

Mar 242015

Medical Marijuana Advocacy Group to host Third Annual National Conference in Washington DC, March 27-31

Washington, D.C. -- The country's leading medical marijuana advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), will hold its third annual national Unity Conference, "Wellness is Winning," in Washington, D.C. on March 27-31, 2015. The conference will highlight medical and legal experts, policymakers, and a wide array of workshops and panels focusing on scientific research, strategic planning, and skills building. On Tuesday, March 31st, ASA will host a press conference at 11am, followed by a lobby day with hundreds of patient advocates.

Mar 122015

Federal Judge Rejects Justice Department Effort to Imprison Kettle Falls Five Defendants Pending Sentencing

Spokane, WA -- Just one week after three medical marijuana patients were acquitted by a federal jury of all but one charge stemming from the widely watched Kettle Falls Five trial, US District Court Judge Thomas Rice rejected attempts by the Justice Department (DOJ) to imprison the defendants pending sentencing on June 10th. Judge Rice's ruling comes just a day after defense attorneys filed their opposition to the government's pre-sentencing detention effort.

Mar 102015

US Senators Introduce Unprecedented, Sweeping Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill Aimed at Protecting Patients

Washington, DC -- Comprehensive medical marijuana legislation was introduced today in the US Senate for the first time in the country's history. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Cory Booker (D-NJ), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act to end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana and allow states to set their own policies. The CARERS Act is endorsed by several advocacy groups including Americans for Safe Access (ASA), which helped Senate authors develop the legislation.

Mar 092015

Groups from Thirteen Countries Form New "International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition" to Reform UN Policy

Prague, Czech Republic -- Medical cannabis (marijuana) patients from thirteen countries, including those represented by U.S. advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA), established the International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition (IMCPC) this past week while at the "Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Policy, Research and Medical Practice" conference in Prague from March 4-7th. IMCPC member countries include Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

Mar 032015

In an Unexpected Verdict, Federal Jury Acquits Medical Marijuana Defendants on Four Out of Five Charges

Spokane, WA -- In an unexpected verdict today, the jury in a widely watched federal medical marijuana case from eastern Washington State, known as the Kettle Falls Five, acquitted the three remaining defendants of all but one charge of manufacturing less than 100 marijuana plants. The charge carries no mandatory minimum sentence and defendants Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, 56, her son Rolland Gregg, 33, and daughter-in-law Michelle Gregg, 36, remain free until sentencing on June 10th at 10am.

Feb 272015

Medical Marijuana Businesses Seek Regulatory Compliance in California Despite Failure by Legislature to Adopt Statewide Policy

Redway & Laytonville, CA -- Multiple medical marijuana businesses from northern California -- Sonoma Lab Works and Peace in Medicine, with dispensaries in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa -- were certified earlier this month by Patient Focused Certification (PFC), a nationwide program that verifies the quality and reliability of products sold to patients, as well as quality control standards, calibration, and evaluation processes for labs that test medical marijuana products.