Virginia General Assembly Passes Medical Marijuana Production Bill

| March 09, 2016 |

(Richmond, VA) - Yesterday, Virginia's lawmakers passed a bill which will allow for the eventual production and distribution of low THC marijuana oils in the Commonwealth. After lengthy discussions and negotiations in both houses, SB701, Cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil;...

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Parents Resuscitate SB701 and Prepare for House Vote

| February 17, 2016 |

(Richmond, VA) - Yesterday, the Virginia Senate by a vote of 37 to 2 passed SB701, a bill that would allow the production and manufacturing of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and THC-A oil in the state. For the past several weeks,...

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UN Holds Stakeholder Meetings for Upcoming UN Special Session on Drug Policy

| February 10, 2016 |

(New York, NY) – Today Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Steph Sherer, and Michael Krawitz, Executive Director, Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access will join organizations from across the globe at at the UN Headquarters to continue preparations...

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Patient Advocates Hope Report will Help State Legislators “Make the Grade” in 2016

| January 26, 2016 |

(Washington, D.C.) – Americans for Safe Access (ASA) issued “Medical Marijuana Access in the US: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws,” today. The annual report evaluates the array of differing state medical cannabis programs across the country...

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The California Local Access Project provides resources and training for medical marijuana advocates

| December 22, 2015 |

Sacramento, CA – A national medical marijuana advocacy organization published a memo and model ordinance on Monday for California cities and counties recommending that they regulate the cultivation of medical marijuana instead of banning it. The memo and model ordinance...

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US Medical Marijuana Advocacy Organization Launches International Research Center

| December 15, 2015 |

Prague, Czech Republic – Today members of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), KOPAC and Dioscorides Global Holdings (DGH) were joined by the Minister of Health for the Czech Republic, Svatopluk Němeček to announce the establishment of a new research center, the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute...

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Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates to Address World Health Organization

| November 16, 2015 |

GENEVA—Today medical cannabis patient advocates representing 27 countries will be addressing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) in Geneva, in hopes of reshaping international policies that affect the health and safety of millions of patients using cannabis and cannabis...

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Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision To Provide Dissemination of Research, Professional Training and Promote the Development of Effective and Precise Industry Standards

| October 28, 2015 |

Washington, DC-  On October 8th, 2015 the Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) of the American Chemical Society voted to form the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (CANN). The CANN subdivision previously existed under the Small Chemical Business Division as the Cannabis...

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Ruling Undermines Department of Justice Interpretation of Congressional Restrictions On Interference With State-Legal Medical Cannabis Programs

| October 20, 2015 |

San Francisco- On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer ruled that enforcement of the injunction against the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana (MAMM), which has prevented the medical cannabis dispensary from engaging in business, must be consistent with the...

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Patient Advocates Release Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Fair Rules to Create Local Medical Cannabis Access

| October 15, 2015 |

Washington, DC- Today, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) released, “Where Will Patients Obtain Their Medicine?” a white paper on the impact of medical cannabis dispensaries on patients, teen cannabis use, crime and communities.  Since legal medical cannabis dispensaries first emerged following the...

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