Not All Students Will Start School This Week

| August 28, 2002 |

WASHINGTON, DC - According to new Department of Education data, over 30,000 college students have been denied federal loans and grants for the 2002-2003 school year due to the 1998 Higher Education Act drug provision. Since the HEA drug provision...

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| July 09, 2002 |

CA, STATEWIDE—The last time Asa Hutchinson visited California, the DEA raided two San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries, seizing property and arresting four prominent activists including nationally renowned author Ed Rosenthal. Tomorrow, Hutchinson returns to the state to brief Hollywood’s top...

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DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will be Met With New Nationwide Protests

| June 13, 2002 |

SAN FRANSISCO – Last week thousands of people who organized under the banner Americans For Safe Access (ASA) disrupted business-as-usual at 50 regional outposts of the Drug Enforcement Administration, including the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. The protests were...

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Ohio Protest to Stop the DEAs Expanding War on Medical Marijuana and Patients!

| June 04, 2002 |

June 6th has been declared as a day for a nation-wide action by a coalition of dozens of marijuana reform groups all across the United States. The nation-wide day of action has been called because of the recent raids of...

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| June 01, 2002 |

NATIONWIDE – Under the banner “Americans For Safe Access”, activists in 55 cities nationwide will attempt to disrupt business-as-usual on June 6th at local outposts of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Patients and their supporters vowed to ratchet up the...

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Wichita Direct Action

| May 28, 2002 |

News Release May 28, 2002 From: Hemp Industries of Kansas (316) 681 1743 A Coalition of marijuana and drug policy reform organizations are joining forces to launch a national day of direct action again the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)...

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Bush Administration Medical Marijuana Policy Not Compassionate

| May 21, 2002 |

BERKELEY, CA – A summary judgment last week stated that California medical marijuana dispensaries have no Federal constitutional right to distribute the drug to seriously ill people. The decision is the latest in an accelerating crack down by the Bush...

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Photos of the Banner Hang

| April 19, 2002 |

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA) Hangs Massive Banner Defending Medical Marijuana Against Bush Administration Attacks

| April 17, 2002 |

San Francisco – Americans for Safe Access today announced its hanging of a 1200 square foot banner on an empty billboard in San Francisco at Ninth and Brannan Streets. The banner reads, “Ashcroft: No War on Patients! Californians Say YES...

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