Federal Pardons Now Available!

We are excited to say that the Biden White House is now accepting applications for the pardon of anyone convicted of Simple Possession of Cannabis by a Federal Court (including D.C.’s courts). ASA has been fighting to protect patients and cannabis providers from being unjustly arrested for 20 years and we are very pleased to see the Biden administration starting to address the harms of the “war on drugs.” See our October 2022 Activist Newsletter for more information about this federal action.

Though we don’t know of anyone currently incarcerated who will be freed by this mass pardoning it will improve the lives of plenty of people with one of these convictions lingering in a criminal record. Those individuals will have their civil rights; like voting, assuming political office or serving on a jury restored by this pardon and it will also make it easier for them to find work, receive professional licensing and generally stop being penalized for that conviction.

We would love to see not only more federal pardons but also more Governors offering pardons to those convicted for cannabis “crimes” that are now longer illegal in their state. That is why we want to encourage everyone who could potentially benefit from this pardon to complete an application to show the White House and our state governments that those impacted by cannabis convictions want their rights restored and are going to take action to get them back. The more demand for this pardon we can demonstrate the more likely we are to get more pardons in the future.

So if you have been affected by a Federal Simple Possession conviction please complete the application so that you can get back the rights you deserve and for anyone not affected, please share this news with your friends, family and your networks on social media (you can use the social media share buttons below). Help us make sure that everyone who could benefit from this application get the chance to get their rights restored.


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