While most Americans live in states with medical cannabis laws, millions still find themselves without access to it, including:

  • Federal employees
  • Veterans
  • People in jurisdictions with restrictive lists of qualifying conditions
  • Employees subject to drug testing in jurisdictions that don’t provide employment protections for medical cannabis patients
  • Patients in treatment or hospice centers
  • School-age minors in some medical cannabis jurisdictions
  • Patients who need to travel across state lines
  • People living in underserved areas
  • People living in poverty
  • Minor qualifying patients whose educational institutions don’t permit them to consume their medication on-campus
  • People on organ transplant lists where explicit patient protections are not written into law

This is because medical cannabis is still illegal at the federal level and why we launched our No Patient Left Behind campaign this year. Laws must be changed to expand medical cannabis access to the extent possible, ensure that patients are prioritized with regard to access to product and quality of product, and otherwise protect medical cannabis patients.

If you support our efforts to leave no patient behind, please take a few moments to take the actions below. #NoPatientLeftBehind


Take Action!

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Take the No Patient Left Behind Pledge

Make the pledge to support medical cannabis advocacy in the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration and throughout the 117th congress.

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Urge the POTUS & VP Establish an Office of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Control

Demand POTUS & VP Establish an Office of Medical Cannabis Control

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Urge VA Secretary McDonough Allow VA Doctors to Recommend Cannabis

Veterans who rely on the VA as their healthcare provider are unable to receive medical cannabis recommendations from their doctors even if they live in a state with a medical cannabis program. All veterans should have access to the medicine they need.

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Urge HUD To Stop Evictions of Medical Cannabis Patients in Federal Housing

Join @safeaccess and me in demanding @HUDgov Stop Evictions of Medical Cannabis Patients in Federal Housing: safeaccessnow.org/bidenhud #NoPatientLeftBehind #SafeAccess

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Urge Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson Reinstate the Cole Memo!

Join @safeaccess and me in demanding Sec. Wilkinson & @TheJusticeDept reinstate the Cole Memo: safeaccessnow.org/bidendoj #NoPatientLeftBehind #SafeAccess

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Urge Acting Director McGettigan Stop Drug Testing of Federal Employees and Contractors

Join @safeaccess and me in demanding Acting Dir. McGettigan & @USOPM prohibit drug testing for federal employees and contractors for cannabis #NoPatientLeftBehind #SafeAccess

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Read our Model Medical Cannabis Legislation

Our proposed federal legislation will deschedule cannabis and create an Office of Medical Cannabis Control, resolving the state-federal conflict.

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Share Your Story

ASA is seeking stories from patients or potential patients who feel left behind by current medical cannabis laws. Share your story with [email protected] and use "Left Behind" in the subject line.

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Send this legislation to lawmakers

We need the support of senators and representatives to pass this legislation. Please reach out to yours!

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Donate to support ASA's fight for access to medical cannabis