Join us for Rally for Medical Cannabis in Anne Arundel County Tonight at 5:30pm


Activist will be holding a rally for medical cannabis before the Anne Arundel County Council hearing tonight at 5:30pm. We need all the support we can get. If you are a medical cannabis patient in Anne Arundel County, please come out and testify this evening at the hearing. In order to testify you must sign up at 6:00PM at the County Council Chambers. 

  • Rally Date/Time:October 19th at 5:30pm to 6pm
  • Hearing Time: October 19th - Sign up at 6pm, Hearing at 7pm
  • Place: 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

This rally is very critical to patients in Anne Arundel County. There are currently two bills that need our attention. We ask that patients and activist support Bill 97-15, which would better serve and protect patients in the County and continue to rally against Bill 96-15.

Why no on 96-15? County Executive Steve Schuh attempted to ban medical cannabis from the county by submitting bill 96-15. This would have essentially banned all dispensaries and cultivation centers from the county and devastated patients who relay on safe access. However, after public pressure from both officials and citizens, Schuh was forced to amended the bill.  But this is not enough.  Even with the amendments the bill is still too restrictive to implement or be effective for patients.

Schuh has amended Bill 96-15 to do the following:

  • Medical marijuana growing and processing facilities would not be permitted within of 1000 feet of dwellings and schools.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries would not be permitted within of 1000 feet of dwellings and schools north of Route 50 and east of the South River.
  • Special exception zoning, which requires a public hearing, will be required for facilities.
  • Marijuana dispensaries will not be allowed in mixed use zoned areas in the County.
  • Marijuana dispensaries may not be located closer than one mile apart.
  • Growing operations must be on at least 10 acres.
  • Growing operations may not emanate light at night.
  • Growing facilities must have on-site armed security.
  • Processors must be co-located with growers.
  • Window and counter displays of marijuana will not be allowed.
  • On-site physician prescribing and dispensing will not be allowed.

Please come out at 5:30PM TONIGHT to support medical cannabis in Anne Arundel County. We need your help to stop bill 96-15 and approve 97-15! If you are an AA County medical patient resident, please testify at the hearing and bring your friends!

For more information, visit the Maryland NORML Facebook Event Page.