Inland Empire: Why I'm attending the CA Unity Conference

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Note from Steph: To make our conference more accessible, we were able to lower the cost to just $50 for both days including lunch. Please join us!

California's voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996, almost 16 years ago. I don't need to remind you that today, we are still fighting for our right to access our medicine. While we continue to work at the federal level to respect states' rights, we must ensure that the State of California respects the needs of patients when regulating marijuana.

Last year we were given the shellacking of our lives in the State Capitol because there was no one up there to represent us. We cannot afford to make that mistake again. There are some very good bills - like AB2312 - and some very bad bills being considered. If our state legislators do not hear from us, who will they be listening to for our side of the issue?

There is no substitute for your voice in Sacramento

That’s why I am going, along with a busload of patients from the Inland Empire, to the California Unity Conference sponsored by the ASA-organized coalition, Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana. Yes, we are family and we are coming together to work on protecting patients’ rights to safe, reliable and local access. If you support safe access, you need to come and work with us. Purchase your tickets now for the conference, or arrange to join us for Lobby Day!

PS: The IE bus of patients will be staying at a local Sacramento motel. If you are coming up and need a room, send an email to [email protected] if you would like to obtain one of the rooms at the place we are staying.