Indiana to Consider Medical Cannabis in 2024!

on January 8, 2024, Indiana Representative Lucas (R-69) introduced House Bill 1146 simply titled “Medical Marijuana”

The bill summary describes HB 1146’s function as follows:

“Permits the use of medical marijuana by persons with serious medical conditions as determined by their physician. Establishes a medical marijuana program to permit the cultivation, processing, testing, transportation, and dispensing of medical marijuana by holders of a valid permit. Requires the Indiana department of health (state department) to implement and enforce the medical marijuana program. Requires that permit holders undertake steps to prevent diversion of medical marijuana to unauthorized persons. Requires that medical marijuana and medical marijuana products be properly labeled, placed in child resistant packaging, and tested by an independent testing laboratory before being made available for purchase. Prohibits packaging medical marijuana in a manner that is appealing to children. Authorizes research on medical marijuana in accordance with rules set forth by the state department. Prohibits discrimination against medical marijuana users. Prohibits harassment of medical marijuana users by law enforcement officers and prohibits cooperation with federal law enforcement officials seeking to enforce federal laws that criminalize the use of marijuana authorized in Indiana. Establishes the medical marijuana oversight committee to review appeals and grievances concerning the medical marijuana program. Provides a defense to prosecution for a person who operates a vehicle or motorboat with marijuana or its metabolite in the person's blood under certain conditions that involve medical marijuana.”

The bill was introduced, had its first hearing, and was referred to the Health Committee. If passed, Indiana could become the 39th state to adopt comprehensive medical cannabis access legislation.

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