Help Us Secure Safe Access in Florida

With the help of advocates and supporters all over the state of Florida, medical marijuana is on the ballot as Amendment 2. However, we still have to win at the ballot box during this election to make safe access a reality for patients in the state.

Early voting is underway all across Florida – click here to find your early voting poll locations.

People support Amendment 2 for different reasons: some have told us it’s because of a family member, such as a child or a parent, suffering from a condition that would (or could) be alleviated by medical marijuana. Others have joined because they believe patients should have a safe alternative to harmful, addicting narcotics. Whatever your reason for supporting Amendment 2, we need to be sure we can count on your YES vote. 

ASA is also helping to organize volunteers to phonebank for the "Yes on 2" campaign. Please consider helping out over the next few days to make sure that Amendment 2 gets as many votes as possible. 

Volunteer to phonebank for the campaign - signup here.

Amendment 2 is not the only important vote you may cast this election. Know where your local candidates stand on the issue of medical marijuana by visiting, ASA's online voter education site. You can even download a blank voter's guide and fill it in with your favorite candidates to take with you to the ballot box!

Educate yourself about local races at!

Florida is so close to becoming the next medical marijuana state, but we need all hands on deck during this final push before the election. Please make sure you VOTE on November 4th, or take advantage of early voting by clicking here to find your early voting location.