As recreational adult-use cannabis programs began to emerge throughout the country, many assumed that these programs would improve access for patients. Unfortunately, we now know that assumption was false.

Data gathered for the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) 2022 State of the States Report: An Analysis of Medical Cannabis Access in the United States, including patient surveys, verified what we have been hearing from patients for years; states with adult use laws are shifting focus to the recreational market to the detriment of patients and the evolution of the existing medical cannabis programs.

The needs for recreational adult-use cannabis and medical cannabis programs are not the same. In fact, outside of product safety requirements for the supply chain, the two markets require separate regulatory pathways in order to meet the needs of all patients. A common trend in state with recreational adult-use cannabis is combining of the two programs, little to no improvements in the medical cannabis programs and even regressive rollbacks for patients.

Exploring the impact of adult-use cannabis markets on medical patients, this webinar dispels the myth that legalizing cannabis is the cure-all for patient needs by shedding light on the unique challenges facing patients in these markets & examining how to safeguard patients n within evolving regulatory frameworks.

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