Right now the CARERS Act, the most important piece of legislation addressing medical cannabis is being held up by Senator Chuck Grassley. Senator Grassley needs to hear from medical cannabis patients and caregivers who can tell him how important it is that we pass the CARERS Act.



Dear Senator Grassley,

The passage of the the bipartisan Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act (S. 1374) would allow state medical marijuana programs to continue without federal interference, remove the marijuana compound Cannabidiol (CBD) entirely from the schedule, eliminate the DEA-mandated “NIDA-monopoly” that prevents researchers from obtaining marijuana for clinical studies, and allow Veterans Health Administration physicians to write recommendations in states that have established a medical marijuana program.

Not allowing this piece of legislation a vote, is blocking the democratic process, and going against the 93% of Americans who want medical marijuana to be available as a treatment option. As an American citizen, I ask that you allow the CARERS Act a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.



Will you sign?