Ron Millward, Pennsylvania

| November 30, 2022 |

Ron Millward joined the Air Force at age 17, while he was still in high school. He served eight years through multiple deployments. Today, his mission is to help other veterans find ways to achieve balance after their military service.  ...

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Kent Morrell, Knoxville, Tennessee

| October 26, 2022 |

Today is bonus day 1,248. That’s what Kent Morrell would say if he was talking to you now. That’s how he always begins his story — with how many days it has been since cannabis rescued him from the crippling pain...

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Rita Lynn Lawrence, Edgewater, Maryland

| July 01, 2022 |

Rita Lynn Lawrence has faced a life-long struggle with painful congenital medical conditions that have proven difficult to treat. Even accepting the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy and the winged scapula that resulted from weakened back muscles was difficult. Doctors could...

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Carla Basante, New Jersey

| March 01, 2022 |

Carla Basante began using cannabis about 15 years ago to manage chronic pain from a severe back injury and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. A breast cancer survivor, Carla has had two back surgeries to treat the damage caused by a...

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Crista Eggers, Nebraska

| February 28, 2022 |

Most medical cannabis activists become advocates for safe access because they’ve had direct experience treating a medical condition with cannabis. Crista Eggers is not one of those. She became a committed activist because cannabis is prohibited in her state, even...

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Chris Conrad & Mikki Norris, California

| December 02, 2021 |

The San Francisco Bay Area holds a place in history as the center of grassroots organizing that made medical cannabis legal – first in the city and county, then in the state of California and much of the rest of...

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Robert Head, Dallas, Texas

| November 05, 2021 |

Six years ago, Robert Head, a veteran of multiple tours in Iraq with the U.S. Army Infantry, was having a hard time with pain in his knees and feet. To manage it, he was taking painkillers, including 10-15 ibuprofen each...

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Michelle J. Wright, Maryland

| October 01, 2021 |

Why would a senior healthcare executive, business consultant, and community leader seek a graduate pharmacy degree focused on cannabis? The love of a son with severe autism was the answer for Michelle Wright.

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Jamie Lowell, Detroit, Michigan

| September 01, 2021 |

After more than a dozen years as a cannabis activist in Michigan, Jamie Lowell has seen the environment in his state evolve dramatically, but some things remain the same. Threats to safe access continue to emerge, and the diverse cannabis...

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Deb McCauley, Sarasota, Florida

| August 01, 2021 |

Deb McCauley had been a medical professional for more than two decades, and had juggled her own seizure medications for nearly as long, when a friend approached her in the summer of 2018 with an alternative she’d not considered.

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