End Pain, Not Lives

Logo_With_Text_Info.pngAmericans for Safe Access, the U.S. Pain Foundation, and many others have launched a new campaign to address the opioid epidemic.

The Opioid Epidemic in the US is claiming 91 American lives a day. Current policies focus on downstream strategies and criminalizing patients and medical professionals. Research shows a nearly 25% decrease of opioid overdose deaths in states with medical cannabis laws. However, medical cannabis is not option for all patients due to the federal-state legal conflict, inadequacies in state laws, and lack of medical professional and patient education.  

It is critical that our nation's lawmakers understand and respond to medical cannabis’ potential role in mediating this crisis.

Cover_Image_Thumbnail.pngRead the Blueprint for state legislators to improve medical cannabis programs and expand access for all patients struggling with pain. Download a copy today, and share it with your state legislators!


  • States: Pass new regulations and legislation to make it easier for people with Pain, Chronic Pain, and Opioid Use Disorder and their medical professionals to utilize medical cannabis in their treatment plans
  • Federal: Leverage cannabis therapies in combating opioid crisis to pass the CARERS Act and other legislation like CJS amendment
  • Education: Increase education of medical professionals, service providers, and patients
  • Research: Conduct clinical trials on cannabis and opioids

We need your help to:

  1. Spread the word:  We have designed social media tools, flyers posters, educational materials and T-shirts that you can download or order from our website to help you spread the word.
  2. Share: Let your friends and family know about this campaign, share your story and experiences online and in the press.
  3. Advocate: Reach out to your elected officials to let them know how they can help!
  4. Activate: Join a local or state group working on the campaign, get your friends and family active, come to DC in spring of 2018 for patients’ lobby day.
  5. Donate: Make sure ASA has the resources we need to meet our goals!  

In This Section

Spread the Word

Download posters, flyers, postcards, reports and images here to engage in the campaign.


Tell us your story of chronic pain, and share our campaign materials on social media.


Sign the petition, and tweet federal legislators


Endorse the campaign and join or start a local working group in your state


Read the campaign blog and the latest in research on cannabis, chronic pain, and opioids.