Amend the MMRSA to protect individual patient and caregiver cultivation

The California legislature adopted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) last year. The bill will license and regulate commercial medical cannabis activity in the state, but it also contains a provision that affects patients and caregivers who cultivate their own medical cannabis.

The MMRSA requires a state and local license for individual patients who cultivate more than 100 square feet of medical cannabis or for primary caregivers who cultivate medical cannabis in more than 500 square feet (for up to five patients). The licensing requirements apply, even if all of the cannabis is for the patient’s personal medical cannabis use and not for sale. 

This is an unreasonable and unnecessary burden for legal medical cannabis patients and caregivers. Licensing is likely to be expensive and complicated. Businesses and organizations that work in the field of medical cannabis can be expected to adapt, jump over bureaucratic hurdles, and pay for the cost of licensing. Individual patients and caregivers cannot.

Sign this petition asking lawmakers to remove the licensing thresholds for patients and caregivers cultivating medical cannabis for personal use.

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