As a group serving medical cannabis patients, we are enormously concerned about the impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on our communities. Patients are at greater risk for a variety of reasons so we are working to ensure that the needs of patients are taken into account by those responding to COVID-19.

This page compiles our resources on COVID-19 including our recommendations for patients, policy recommendations, real-time feedback from our community, our research on state responses, and a way for our advocates to make their voices heard.

In This Section

Read our COVID-19 Recommendations for Patients

We have created a series of recommendations to protect the safety and well-being of medical cannabis users.

Urge governors to take urgent action during COVID-19 crisis

Use our simple online tool to contact your Governor and urge them to consider medical cannabis patients during this crisis.

Download the ASA COVID-19 State Call to Action

You can access a PDF copy of the Call to Action that ASA sent to every Governor and medical cannabis program head.

Let Us Know About Your Local COVID-19 Response

Please submit information about how your community is responding to COVID-19 or read up on what others have submitted.

Learn How States Are Responding to COVID-19

You can reference our collected research on how states are responding to COVID-19. This is a live document and is updated as we gather new information.

Read About How Cannabis Interacts With Influenza And Coronavirus

Read a blog by Heather Despres that covers the interactions between cannabis and coronavirus from a scientific perspective.

Read Our Press Release Regarding COVID-19

This press release alerts the media to our call to action for governors and state medical cannabis program heads.

Read Our Press Release Regarding State COVID-19 Responses

This press release updates the media on the responses to our call to action by governors and state medical cannabis program heads.