Court Support: Court hearing TODAY for two Medical Cannabis Patients in Santa Rosa

Court Support

What:   Court hearing for two Medical Cannabis Patients facing charges, 1358.5 Hearing for a Suppression Motion 

When:  Thursday April 24th at 8:30am

Where: 600 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, Courtroom 3*

Who:    Defendants: Jimmy Chang & Joseph Smart Represented by: E. D. Lerman & J. David Nick

*The courthouse address is 600 Administration Drive in Santa Rosa. Please note that anyone entering the courthouse is subject to search similar to an airport, metal detector walk through & x-ray machine for purses. Do not bring your medicine, knives, pepper spray or any personal items that may be considered illegal. ID is not required.

Two patients were driving on Highway 101, when an officer pulled them over for questioning. This stop and talk, ultimately lead to charges for 55 pounds of medicine in the vehicle that was going to other qualified patients who were members of a participating collective.

Over the years in Sonoma County courts, we have seen a number of collectives prosecuted despite the fact they were providing to collective storefronts with hundreds if not thousands of patients.  Many of these organizations were registered with the state, and intended to, or did pay BOE taxes. This is another example collective status not being recognized. 

It is important that we show the community support behind this duo, who had had no intent of breaking state or local laws by providing cannabis to legitimate patients. This hearing is a suppression motion asking that an unreasonable search and seizure should result in dismissal of the evidence, or the case.

There is a chance of a continuance happening for this hearing, either way the defendants and attorneys have confirmed their attendance in court (the case will be called).