ASA’s 21st Birthday

Today is the 21st Anniversary of the founding of Americans for Safe Access. Since its creation, our dedicated group of advocates have managed to create a whole new world of U.S. cannabis policy and bring safe access to medical cannabis to countless Americans. However there is still plenty of work that needs doing to make sure that all patients have safe and affordable access to cannabis.

Despite the continuing challenges of Covid and legislative gridlock we are still fighting for safe access and have managed to achieve some great things in the difficult climate of 2022, and with our amazing supporters, I know we’ll continue achieving great things for medical cannabis patients.

When Steph founded Americans for Safe Access, terminal cancer patients were being pulled out of dispensaries by police and we had the support of every cannabis dispensary in the country (which were all operating outside of state or federal law). Now cannabinoid medicine is available across the United States, the raids have mostly subsided and there are tens of thousands of dispensaries seeking to serve medical cannabis patients (all of whom are still operating outside federal law).

It’s hard to overstate how drastic these changes have been even if it has taken us an enormous amount of work and time. Luckily we have advocates who have experienced or witnessed the life-changing possibility of cannabis. We know that cannabis can change lives and we’re not going to let some hard work prevent other people from getting the chance to change their lives with medical cannabis.

“20 years is a long time. I think it is fair to say that the fight to bring a new approach to medicine to the world is my life’s work. It has been hard, heartbreaking, and frustrating at times, but it has brought all of you into my life and for that I am truly grateful. From ASA alumni, our staff and members, my mentors and allied organizations, I have gained so much knowledge and am humbled to stand shoulder to shoulder with them all in this struggle.” - ASA President and Founder, Steph Sherer

As we celebrate, we hope that you will consider joining us in the continued fight for safe access. Due to state access restrictions, financial restrictions, or a fear of losing a child or job, millions of patients are still left without access. We will not stop fighting until ALL Americans have safe and legal access, and it is our birthday wish that you will keep fighting along with us. 

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