AZ Action Alert: Tell Sen. Yee to allow MMJ research on PTSD!

take-action.jpgHB 2333 (fact sheet), sponsored by Republican Rep. Ethan Orr, would use the State's medical cannabis fund for research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The fund is set aside from revenues generated by medical cannabis sales and cannot be touched by the legislature or moved into the state general fund without legislation. There is currently over six million dollars just sitting there not being used. This fund should be used to help patients.

However, HB 2333 is being denied a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee by Committee Chair Kimberly Yee. She has also been attempting to try and use the medical marijuana fund to pay for an anti-cannabis-legalization campaign, in conjunction with MATFORCE, a group who has been touring the state and giving a lecture called "Marijuana Safe? Think Again!". 

PLEASE CALL SEN. YEE's OFFICE TODAY AND ASK HER TO GIVE HB 2333 a hearing in the Senate Education Committee!! We need action!!! Please help!!!

Office number is: 602-926-3024
Emailed at [email protected]

Sample email/script:

Good afternoon Senator Yee,

My name is (your name) and I am writing you on behalf of Americans for Safe Access, the largest organization in the country working exclusively on medical cannabis research and patient access.

I would like to request that you add HB 2333 to the next session of hearings of the Arizona Senate Education Committee. HB 2333 is critical to the future of effectively treating and caring for medical marijuana patients in a compassionate way in our state. We here in Arizona are so fortunate to have world-class Universities and physicians that can be a major part of unlocking the full potential that medical marijuana has to offer people who are suffering from serious injuries and ailments. Research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will not only benefit Arizona's military veterans returning with the mental wounds of combat, but will also help first responders and victims of violent crime, such as rape and assault. Blocking this research will harm the well being of Arizona's veterans, first responders, and victims of violent crime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and I look forward to maintaining a dialogue with you and your colleagues about the medical marijuana in Arizona.

Very Respectfully,
(Your Name)

(Your town/city in AZ)
(Your number and/or email)