Welcome to Cannabis Activist Summer Camp!

Howdy-Ho (potential) Campers! A bunch of us here at ASA are just so riled-up over this crazy federal crackdown on safe access, so we decided to start an online activist summer camp called Camp WakeUpObama to give all you medical cannabis advocates out there a fun and easy way to have your voices heard. Signing up for camp is free and easy, just go to www.CampWakeUpObama.com! As your Camp Counselor, I’ve been working really hard to get the camp ready for you. We’ve been coming up with great activities like holding an ASA house party, contacting your elected officials, or even making some fun protest art! The best part is, you can earn cool Facebook badges for your profile, free ASA gear, or even a free trip to ASA’s 1st Annual National Conference in DC this February. All this, and you get the satisfaction of helping make President Obama aware that medical cannabis is an urgent issue that needs to be dealt immediately. As the Camp WakeUpObama Counselor (and ASA’s new National Field Coordinator), I encourage you all to sign up for camp and help us really send a message to the President this summer that medical cannabis is an issue that cannot be ignored! Looking forward to seeing all of you at Camp WakeUpObama this summer! “Camp Counselor” Hunter Holliman Hunter Holliman is the National Field Director of Americans for Safe Access.