Washington: Urge lawmakers to protect medical cannabis patients by passing House Bill 2058

The House of Representatives has introduced a patient-friendly alternative to Senate Bill 5052, which substantially restricts safe, affordable access to medical cannabis.

House Bill 2058 is a far better proposal than other legislation we have seen this session, and the language in this bill is what we want to see sent to the Governor’s desk. In addition to strengthening protections against patient discrimination, HB 2058 would establish a dedicated framework for licensing of medical cannabis producers, processors and dispensers who currently provide safe products and quality care to seriously ill patients. 

The bipartisan proposal reintroduces the regulatory system originally passed by the 2011 Legislature. Unfortunately, under threat of federal intervention, then-Governor Christine Gregoire vetoed 36 sections of the bill. HB 2058 would simply restore the vetoed provisions first passed in 2011.

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As written, HB 2058 would:

  • Create a dedicated framework for licensing and oversight of medical cannabis dispensaries, producers and processors
  • Exempt medical cannabis products from unwarranted taxes applied to marijuana sold in retail outlets that serve the adult-use market.
  • Maintain the 60-day supply as currently defined
  • Allow for limited operation of patient cooperatives (now known as collective gardens gardens) 
    5) Enshrine vital civil rights protections for housing and employment, on par with prescription drugs
    6) Create a VOLUNTARY registry that retains all legal protections that we have today (affirmative defense), even for those who choose not to register
    7) Maintain the 60-day supply as currently defined. 
    8) Preserve the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.)
  • Preserve the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship
  • Enshrine vital discrimination protections, on par with prescription drugs
  • Provide definitive arrest protection for patients and care providers who obtain a verification card from the Department of Health (DOH)
  • Maintain valid documentation from health care professionals as a mechanism for asserting affirmative defenses in court, for those who do not wish to register with DOH

CLICK HERE to email your lawmakers today and urge them to support HB 2058a common-sense solution for regulating medical cannabis from a data-driven policy perspective.


We thank Representatives Luis Moscoso (D–Mountlake Terrace), Maureen Walsh (R–Walla Walla) and Sherry Appleton (D–Poulsbo) for proposing House Bill 2058. While ASA remains committed to seeking improvements to other legislative proposals, we believe HB 2058 provides the solid framework that Washington needs to move forward with appropriate regulation of medical cannabis.