Medical Cannabis Lobby Day & Advocacy Reboot Event

September 26 & 27, 2024, Washington, DC


Join Americans for Safe Access, Realm of Caring, the US Pain Foundation and Veterans 22 Initiative in DC this September to Ensure Patients Shape the Future of Medical Cannabis Policy. The Validated Voices Summit is the first medical cannabis event on Capitol Hill following the confirmation by HHS and DOJ that cannabis has accepted medical value and will be the last national event before the election. Leading up to the event, ASA will be hosting a series of virtual educational seminars, training, and community-building events, as well as actions attendees can participate in on their "Voyage to DC," including gathering patient stories, press outreach about their voyage, and educational events.

Today, we stand at a pivotal moment. Congress and the Administration are addressing critical cannabis policy issues, and without strong advocacy, patient perspectives risk being overshadowed by better-funded interests. The Validated Voices Summit is your opportunity to ensure that patient are a priority in DC.

Your participation is crucial. By attending the Validated Voices Summit, you are not just a part of the conversation—you are a driving force for change. This event aims to set the tone for the medical cannabis policy in the post-election lame-duck session, where many pivotal issues will be decided and ensure that patient voices remain central to the policy debate for the next Congress, tying into the Compassionate Candidate campaign.

Event Highlights

  • Meetings with Representatives: Engage directly with elected officials and advocate for patient needs.
  • Congressional Briefing and Reception: Providing a platform for discussing the latest developments and the importance of medical cannabis policies. 
  • Press Events: Highlight the significance of the summit in DC and your home districts.
  • Advocacy Skill-Building Workshops: Gain the tools and knowledge to advocate for medical cannabis policies effectively.

RSVP Here to secure your spot at the Validated Voices Summit. Your attendance can make a profound impact on the future of medical cannabis policy and U.S. Healthcare.

More Reasons to Attend

The reauthorization of hemp regulations in the Farm Bill, the pending rescheduling petition, the FDA's call for new regulatory pathways, and the implementation of the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Act of 2022 are all in flux. Amid these developments, opposition is resurgent. In the absence of a strong patient movement, members of Congress have introduced legislation to block rescheduling efforts and open the door for federal interference in state medical cannabis programs again.

The good news is that medical cannabis policies win when the debate is happening within the context of patient health. It is up to us to convey to Congress what patients want or risk subpar policies that stifle progress and halt the innovation fostered by state-level initiatives.

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Join us in Washington, DC, this September. Together, we can make a difference!

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