Attention Virginia: E-mail Your State Representative to Support SB 701

 virginia.jpgTuesday, the Virginia Senate passed SB701: Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and THC-A oil; permitting of pharmaceutical processors to manufacture and provide.  Now, we need your help to get this passed in the House of Delegates.

Last year’s passage of SB1235 and HB1445 provided an affirmative defense to the patients and caregivers diagnosed with intractable epilepsy who use Cannabidiol and THC-A, both non-psychoactive oils derived from the cannabis plant. The results have been nothing short of miraculous for these patients with decreases in seizures, cognitive gains, and the ability to wean pharmaceuticals that cause horrible side-effects.   

However, these patients and their caregivers are having to break state and federal laws in order to obtain these oils putting them at great risk, and many of Virginia’s epilepsy patients have not been able to get access to this treatment.   

This bill, if passed, would be the first step for these patients as it would require the Board of Pharmacy to develop and then implement detailed guidelines for responsible and tightly controlled production and distribution of these oils.  The 27,000 patients with intractable epilepsy living in the state of Virginia, and the 1,000 Virginians who die each year due to uncontrolled seizures deserve this chance.

Please help Virginia move forward on this important issue.


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