Tell Riverside County Not to Ban Cultivation (CA)

The County Board of Supervisors in Riverside County, CA, is considering a ban on all medical cannabis cultivation. The County already bans cooperatives and collectives that provide medicine in storefront locations, so the new ban on cultivation will cut off all legal access to patients in the county. Riverside County has more than 2 million residents, so this will affect a lot of people.

Will you take a few minutes to call the five members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors with a simple message like this?

“I am calling to ask you to reject the prosed ban on legal medical cannabis cultivation in Riverside County. Banning patient cultivation will leave legitimate patients without legal access to the medicine they need. Instead, you should adopt sensible regulations for medical cannabis cultivation to protect legal patients and the community at large.”

If you are a resident of Riverside County, it is especially important that the Supervisors hear from you. Remember that you are most effective when you are brief and courteous.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries --- (951) 955-1010

Supervisor John F. Tavaglione --- (951) 955-1020

Supervisor Jeff Stone --- (951) 955-1030

Supervisor John J. Benoit --- (951) 955-1040

Supervisor Marion Ashley --- (951) 955-1050

Riverside County residents can find additional contact information on the Boards website at