Send the State of the States Report to Your Legislators

After hosting scores of community forums across the U.S. to gather input from patients on the issues most important to them, ASA created a matrix to analyze medical cannabis laws in order to evaluate and grade each component based on patient needs. As more states adopt and improve medical cannabis laws, we hope that state legislators and regulators will use this matrix to help them design comprehensive, helpful laws for patients, particularly laws that will help reduce the number of preventable opioid deaths.

The report uses a point system to grade each state’s medical marijuana law on:

  1. Patients' Rights and Civil Protections From Discrimination
  2. Access to Medicine
  3. Ease of Navigation
  4. Functionality
  5. Consumer Safety and Provider Requirements


How did your State Do?

To find out how your state's grade click here to read the report.

What can you do?

Every one of us needs to keep pressing our lawmakers, regulators, and officials to make the needed changes outlined in this report if we are going to keep this momentum going.  This report not only provides you with a valuable tool for evaluating your own state’s program, but also gives you an analysis of what’s working and not working in other states.  With this information, you can have more productive conversations with your legislators and officials on setting up or improving your state’s medical cannabis program.

Send this report to your state legislators today!

Nearly every positive advancement towards changing medical cannabis laws has been a result of people like you, organizing and petitioning their legislators to provide them with safe access to this medicine.  Patient advocates spend thousands of hours every year in legislative briefings and administrative hearings, analyzing new regulations and laws, and lobbying their elected officials to pass and improve medical cannabis programs. Our work is saving lives!